The Coronavirus Pandemic

We never saw something like this coming a few months ago… earth is under attack by an unknown virus, fast spreading and lethal. During these times it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. People tend to take things too lightly, I myself included. Things are not going to get better unless we become aware and united, we have the power to overcome this.

Preventing The Spread Of The Virus

It’s a given that one of the best things you can do is keep yourself and your environment clean and sanitary. Right now people need to stay at home as much as possible and follow the CDC’s recommendations. Our places of employment are not shutting down to give us a vacation. The reason for the shutdown is to prevent the virus from spreading and so that our hospitals don’t become overcrowded. I personally feel this is one thing that a lot of people are not understanding. If the hospitals become overcrowded care will not be accessible to everyone, therefore leading to a rise in fatalities. You can easily see by looking at the condition in Italy that this is nothing to be taken lightly. The incubation period of this virus can last up to 14 days (5 being the most common), therefore you can be carrying the virus and not have symptoms. If you are a unknown carrier of the virus and you do not stay quarantined, you are likely to spread it to other people who may have health complications, which can lead to them becoming seriously ill or even dying. You do not want your friends or your family to die due to the fact you didn’t want to stay at home. I am begging you, stick this out, it’s not worth someone’s life.

Looking Out For Each Other

People tend to not think reasonably when they are scared. I know it’s your job to take care of your family but you have to take in consideration that other people do too. Going in stores and clearing the shelves, hoarding unnecessary amounts of supplies in your homes, is selfish. We are creating a shortage in stores that is causing others who do not have easy access a very hard time. Think about the pregnant women who are in need but shouldn’t risk catching the virus and compromising their pregnancies. Think about the elderly who aren’t able to get out late at night or are relying on someone else to give them a ride because they can’t drive. Think about the children who only get meals when they are in school and are starving during the shut down. Now is not the time to be selfish out of fear. Yes, get what your family needs, but don’t forget to look out for others. If you know someone who may be having a hard time, call them before you make a grocery run, see if there is anything you can pick up for them and drop off at their door. This life isn’t all about you, we have to have each other’s back.

People Are Still Hard At Work

This situation has really opened people’s eyes up to the important of those who’s jobs are still running full force to keep our country afloat. Not everyone is able to stay at home because some people’s jobs are so important that they’re having to risk catching the virus to keep us safe and healthy. I want to take a moment to thank all of the medical personnel, pharmacies, truck drivers, police, firefighters, grocery stores, gas stations, and everyone who is working so hard while everyone else is home. I encourage everyone to express your gratitude for the sacrifices these people are making and to lift them up in prayer that God keeps them safe.

Showing Support To Our Leaders And Fellow Countries

I know that not everyone sees eye to eye when it comes to politics, but right now is not the time to be fighting over that. Our leaders have an extremely heavy load on their shoulders right now and are working together to plan a resolution that will be in the country’s best interests. Imagine having the responsibility of the whole nation on your hands. I know that a person decides to take on this responsibility when they run for office, but encountering an epidemic and having your own people fighting against you doesn’t make things any easier. If you dislike those in power I encourage you to pray for them anyway, for the sake of our country. I encourage you to pray for our fellow countries and their leaders, even if they are not our allies. We all live on the same planet and we are all human, we have to come together for the sake of humanity. Due to international trade and travel, if one falls, so can the rest, we must stay united.

Even though times seem very dark right now we have to keep hope. The more seriously we take the CDC’s recommendations, the sooner we can slow down the spread of the virus and become more able to control it. Keep clean and stay at home if possible, not only for yourself but for the safety of others. I am sending my thoughts and prayers out to everyone and great gratitude towards those helping this country.

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